Boosting your data access performance.

What is ZebClient?

ZebClient is a high performant software-defined, redundant, and tiered cache, providing:

  • Hyper performance for your data access
  • Unrestricted scalability and elasticity for your data
  • Sustainability in terms of maximizing utilization of hardware and optimizing energy consumption

ZebClient allows you to cost-efficiently maximize utilization of high-performance hardware for your advanced and compute intense applications. The outstanding performance, robustness and elastic architecture, empowers you to take your IT solution into the future and to take advantage of technologies like AI, Machine Learning and advanced BI solutions without technology lock-in. The inherent energy-saving performance properties of ZebClient also makes your solution sustainable even as your compute needs grow

ZebClient maximizes data access performance

Your data applications get more advanced and deliver more value to your organisation almost by the minute. Use cases like advanced data analytics, or applications using AI, demand higher data access performance and much faster response times and to make your business futureproof, they must handle much larger amounts of data.

To meet these new and growing demands, compute operations need to be scaled out over multiple clusters to deliver the adequate capacity and performance. They should also have the data present locally on every node to deliver the response times needed.​

We provide the solution to these needs - it´s called ZebClient.​

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ZebClient – your data access performance booster!

ZebClient provides a versatile, scalable, hyper-performant and global data accessibility solution. ZebClient is designed based on cutting edge cloud technology. From its unique object data design that allows for the scalability, searchability and flexibility we have become accustomed to from modern cloud services to its support for handling filesystem data ZebClient seamlessly bridges cloud data and legacy data. ZebClient is also built with the Zebware proprietary ZebEC algorithm which dramatically boosts data access performance due to its capabilities to read and manage data from multiple sources in parallel as well as offering redundancy.

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What is ZebEC? ​

The ZebEC algorithm boosts data access performance up to 7 x the performance of the best erasure code algorithm today. Our code is developed to optimize the performance from underlying hardware and IT architecture and maximize your hardware ROI.

The ZebEC algorithm is also used to deliver redundancy to the data cluster. As ZebEC is a rateless erasure code, it is configurable to any level of redundancy.  With ZebClient you can customize your configuration to secure a required level of robustness for any situation.​

How ZebClient maximises your data access performance!

Data access with unrivalled performance

In short, ZebClient empowers your organisation to adopt and benefit from new IT technology such as AI, Machine Learning, advanced BI tools and more. It does so by paving the way for compute intense applications by delivering:​

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Radical performance boost

Significantly increasing data availability performance for compute intense applications

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Optimized utilization of hardware

Results in a lowered cost of ownership and decreased cloud storage cost


Technical redundancy

Securing business continuity

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Flexibility and scalability

Automatically expanding capacity according to demand

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Global availability to data

Maximizing business value

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Bridging legacy and cloud data

As applications connected to ZebClient can have access to the same data, irrespectively of what data access format is used

ZebClient Key Functionality

Key functionalities of ZebClient include the unique features of:​

  • Boost to data access performance based on:​
  • the distributed architecture​
  • the tiering mechanism, allowing an optimal and maximum use of available memory​
  • horizontal scale-out of high-performance data access​
  • Filesystem, and cloud data interfaces, to capture the opportunities of cloud technology for all data.​
  • Redundancy and selfhealing mechanisms based on the ZebEC functionality.​
  • Scalability across compute and storage resources from the distributed design.​
  • Data protection based on the ZebClient encryption and from keeping data locally.​
  • Bridging legacy and cloud data from multiple data interfaces.​
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ZebClient Memory Tiering​

ZebClient is equipped with a powerful memory tiering capability to maximize the performance and optimize the cost ratio. For every unit used, data is continuously and automatically moved between tiers based on the access need to data by the applications connected to the ZebClient cluster.

The hottest data is stored in-memory, followed by non-volatile memory (PMEM) for hot data. The PMEM expands the overall memory capacity at a lower cost compared to DRAM and increases the volume of hot data that can be stored in-memory. Colder data is primarily stored on the lower cost and more scalable tiers, built from SSD NVMe:s and mechanical hard drives. To draw the maximum advantage of available storage opportunities, ZebClient also features a connection to any filesystem or S3 compatible storage to use for archive or backup data.​

Figure of ZebClient memory tiering

Figure of ZebClient memory tiering

ZebClient infrastructure design​

ZebClient delivers a local high performance filesystem and object data interface to clusters, clients, and applications to support compute intensive workloads. It is by design exceptionally light in terms of CPU requirements and is tailored to boost data access performance while at the same time simplifying administration and protecting data.​

ZebClient operates in cluster-mode to serve the applications. Any data stored by ZebClient can be read from any node, irrespectively of what node was used when writing data to the cluster. Furthermore, ZebClient can easily be scaled to grow with the needs of the client applications.​

Scaling is available both from a horizontal and vertical standpoint. The horizontal scaling is based on the configuration of the clusters and allows all clusters in the solution to access all data as soon as it is available in one of the clusters. Vertical scaling is achieved with the ZebClient memory tiering.​

ZebClient schematic overview

Functionality brief

Transforms input data to object format
Supported input data formats
Maximizes performance with parallel reads
Parallel reads and writes methodology
Reads via data stripping to physically separate disks
Performs automatic data tiering
Placement based on frequency of usage
Offloads cold data automatically
Data offloading using eviction algorithm to
Local object storage
Local filesystem
Provides redundant data access
Redundant data on separate physical drives
Automatically provided by Zebware erasure-code based algorithm ZebEC
Provides unlimited scalability
Scales horizontally and vertically
Horizontally by adding HW
Vertically by cloud offloading
Secures data durability
Data offloading to storage
Easy deployment
Deployment of binary or for Kubernetes
Helm chart for Kubernetes

When to use ZebClient to boost data access performance?

ZebClient empowers use cases where high volumes of data, advanced compute intense applications and high data redundancy are required. It is particularly useful for Kubernetes by maximizing data access performance in your cluster, speeding up data reads up to 7 x, enabling e.g.:​

  • AI and ML use cases such as advanced data analytics and analysis etc, where ZebClient cost-efficiently makes large data volumes available.​
  • Big Data and Data Lake applications use cases where ZebClient uses its capabilities to easily and extremely fast capture cloud data for local performance access to all of the ZebClient cluster nodes.​
  • IoT - leveraging the tiering capabilities of ZebClient for cost-efficiency and increased edge computing performance.​
  • Advanced BI – where ZebClient delivers a boost in real time analysis performance and deep analytics of long-term data trends.​
  • Compliance Detection
  • Security and Fraud Detection
  • Image Analytics
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ZebClient standalone or Orchesto bundled delivery

ZebClient is offered as a standalone software or together with the Zebware hybrid cloud data management solution Orchesto® to provide additional data protection and governance functionality.​

As a standalone solution, ZebClient is focused on the delivery of a data access performance boost to your local compute intensive applications. When adding the Orchesto software to the solution, a complete cloud native data management solution is realized including functionality such as:​

  • Automated data governance from the Orchesto-EDP event driven data policy management, automatically performing actions on data according to customer defined rules​.
  • Outstanding data protection based on customer side AES 256 encryption, and the Zebware proprietary information dispersal algorithm, zIDA.
  • Automated data analytics to enable programmatic data classification and other AI or ML-based functionality.​
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How do I start using ZebClient to boost data access performance?

We are happy that you are interested in ZebClient, our unique data access performance solution. ​

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