ZebClient enables cost-saving cloud acceleration for the most demanding applications.

ZebClient boosts the access speed of cloud data, adds protection and data redundancy, and disaggregates your data storage from compute. To put it simply, ZebClient saves you time and resources with minimal upfront effort.

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What you get with ZebClient

Guaranteed performance
ZebClient serves cloud data at memory speed to applications.
Huge cost savings
ZebClient reduces time for compute and replaces high-cost file storage with low-cost cloud storage.
Endless scalability
ZebClient provides close to linear scale-out and scale-up.
Flexibility and anti vendor lock-in
ZebClient disaggregates data storage from compute and enables you to easily swap your cloud service provider.
Secured data availability and protection
ZebClient secures data availability and protection by storing sharded data in disaggregated durable cloud storage.
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ZebClient empowers new use cases

IT design for advanced analytics, ML, AI at best-in-class cost/performance ratio

Enabling cloud-based data lakes with ultra-high access performance.

Serve cloud data at memory speed

As ZebClient disaggregates data storage from compute, compute nodes are easily replaced and/or transferred to new locations and providers.

Eliminate the need for separate backup data storage

ZebClient writes data to the acceleration layer as well as to cold and durable cloud storage, thereby securing data protection and data availability.

Gain true high-performance and high security multi-cloud storage for file data

ZebClient uniquely protects data by erasure-coding and spreading sharded data over multiple clouds.

How much can you save with ZebClient?

Start saving money by using ZebClient for your advanced applications. Compare the cost of using ZebClient vs. Azure NetApp Files by entering your desired throughput capacity and data volume. Or compare ZebClient to Amazon FSx by Lustre instead.


750 MB/s

Read/write speed to applications

Data volume

100 GB

Data in cold storage available to applications


Monthly cost (including Azure Blob storage):


Azure NetApp Files

Monthly cost:

Show calculations
Hide calculations

ZebClient performance

ZebClient package: packageName

Read/write performance to applications: performanceZebClient

Application layer

Total ZebClient cost: applicationCost

Based on customer use of instance type:

appInstances number of appInstance nodes*

CPUs per node*: coresPerNode

*2 nodes and 4 CPUs are converged

ZebClient fee specification 2x$30 + 48x$10

Data storage layer

Total ZebClient cost: dataCostZebClient

Total Azure Blob storage cost: dataCostAzure

Data compression savings: 50%

This price comparison has been made using ZebClient deployment with mixed tiered and converged application nodes.

Azure NetApp Files performance

The Azure NetApp files configuration is based on the lowest possible cost to meet both the performance and data volume requirements

Throughput capacity plan: planNetApp

Provisioned data volume: volumeNetApp

Price per TiB: pricePerTiB

Azure NetApp Files price can be verified at: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/pricing/details/netapp/

How ZebClient achieves 500x faster access

A chart displaying how the acceleration layer fits between the compute application and the cloud storage.

ZebClient makes big data fast & cloud data safe

Think of ZebClient’s functionality as a redundant and persistent cache that also protects your data, stores your file data in object data format and disaggregates your data storage from your compute resources.

ZebClient mimics on-prem performance

The ZebClient software is installed both in application nodes and in acceleration layer nodes. The software installs in the cloud or on-prem.

ZebClient secures & protects your data

On an application level, ZebClient handles read and write requests from applications, writes data in shards to all tiers, stores data in S3 format and ensures that your data is safe.

ZebClient secures data at memory speed

At acceleration level, ZebClient secures data redundancy and makes data accessible at high speeds from multiple application nodes. The tiering function  provides fastest access for hot data that is most often or most recently used.

ZebClient replaces high-cost file storage with low-cost cloud storage

ZebClient stores all data in cloud storage to secure both durability and cost-efficiency. It also applies versioning to the cloud-stored data, so there is no longer a need for costly separate data backup solutions.  Data recovery is instantly available.

ZebClient features

Feature list
Performance boost
Data Acceleration
ZebClient provides ultra-high data read and write performance
Data input
POSIX Compliant
Can be used like a local file system and seamlessly interfaces with existing applications
S3 Compatible
Can be used with an S3 proxy
Data handling
Each file system can be mounted on many servers with high-performance concurrent reads/writes and shared data
Data consistency
ZebClient handles data transactions with ACID compliance, ensuring reliable processing through atomicity, isolation and durability.
File Locking
Supports BSD lock (flock) and POSIX lock (fcntl)
Data Tiering
Configurable data tiering mechanism to ensure high-performance operations
Data Compression
ZebClient can compress data to save storage cost
Data protection and availability
Data Protection
All data is sharded and erasure coded. Shards can be distributed into multiple S3 cloud storage buckets. TLS encryption used in transit to S3
Protection from node/drive/memory and bit-root failure with patented erasure code ZebEC
High-availability access to data under management
ZebClient can be deployed in the cloud, on-prem or as a hybrid cloud solution.
ZebClient data can be stored in AWS, Azure Blob Storage, DigitalOcean Spaces, Dreamhost, IBM COS S3, Openstack, Scaleway, Tencent Cloud Object Storage (COS), Vultr, Wasabi or any S3 compatible storage solution.

Want to see up to 500X speed?

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ZebClient offers three distinct cluster deployment modes, enabling customers to tailor their ZebClient configuration and optimize costs. Each mode is thoroughly designed to ensure optimal node utilization and to deliver a sustained high performance.

Direct mode

In direct mode, ZebClient establishes a direct connection to cold object storage, bypassing the standard acceleration layer. This deployment mode, leverages ZebClient’s unique data handling principles and maximizes the utilization of application node hardware to deliver acceleration of data access speeds. As a result, users can access data at high speeds directly from cold storage and significantly reduce infrastructure costs.

For this deployment mode to work at its best, the compute resources should be located close to the cloud object storage.

Converged mode

In converged mode, ZebClient introduces its acceleration layer already on the application nodes, alongside the customer applications. This mode permits users to allocate a portion of the nodes’ CPU and memory capabilities to the acceleration layer to reduce cost. The resource allocation to ZebClient result in a modest increase in CPU consumption.

Tiered mode

In tiered mode, ZebClient uses dedicated nodes to deploy one or multiple tiers of the acceleration layer. This configuration guarantees exceptional I/O performance and scalability, limited only by the underlying infrastructure.





Simple to maintain and manage.

Ideal for enhancing performance for sequential I/O operations on compressible data.

Lowest possible infrastructure cost.

Higher IOPS performance vs the direct mode deployment.

Cost optimization as already existing resources are used.

Best-in-class, scalable performance across all metrics.


IOPS performance is constrained by the cloud object storage's capabilities.

Marginally elevated CPU consumption from ZebClient running on the nodes.

Increased network I/O demand generated by the ZebClient system.

Higher in cost but still provides significant cost savings compared to other alternatives available in market.

ZebClient pricing

ZebClient is offered as a monthly subscription alternatively as an offline six- or twelve-month subscription where fees are based on performance delivered to connected applications and volume of data under management.

The standard ZebClient subscription includes an online license connected to Zebware backend systems for reporting and validation. ZebClient online licenses are offered with monthly subscription fees based on performance delivered to connected applications and volume of data under management. Please note that converged deployments typically include both converged nodes and tiered nodes. The converged pricing applies to the converged application/acceleration nodes and CPUs only.

ZebClient licenses can be provided as custom-tailored offline licenses to customers who require their IT infrastructure solutions to be isolated from the internet. Offline licenses are typically provided with six- or twelve-months binding time. Both versions are billed quarterly in advance. The standard offline license price list is provided below. Prices for customised deployments are available upon request.

Data under management (regardless of deployment mode)
$ 6/TB/Month

Online licenses

Tiered and Direct deployments
Converged deployments
Fix monthly fee
Variable hourly fee
Fix monthly fee
Variable hourly fee
Application node
$ 30
$ 0.1875
$ 45
$ 0.28125
Application node CPU
$ 10
$ 0.0625
$ 15
$ 0.09375

Offline licenses

Any deployments
Fix monthly fee
Variable hourly fee
$ 350
$ 15
10h burst vCPU
$ 1.5

Price example: A ZebClient design including 200 TB of data under management and serving three application nodes, using AWS compute instances of type i3en.6xlarge with 12 CPUs/node, would have a fee of 3 * (30 + (12 * 10)) + (200 * 6) = 1650 $ per month. Cost of cloud services or any other products used to run ZebClient is not included in the ZebClient price.

Advanced design and tuning support

15 minutes support voucher
$ 75
60 minutes support voucher
$ 250

Pricing, general terms

ZebClient product list prices are applicable when ZebClient is used solely for customer’s internal business operations, i.e. any third party usage is not allowed.

Cost of cloud services or any other products used to run ZebClient is not included in the ZebClient price

The price list is valid from Feb 10, 2023.

ZebClient price lists are also available in EUR and SEK at checkout in the store.

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Data under ZebClient management is calculated as the average volume of data written to and stored in the ZebClient system within the billing period.

The price lists apply to ZebClient online licenses and to standard setups of offline licenses. Customized solutions are tailored and priced upon request.

For offline licenses the monthly fix fees are charged quarterly in advance.

The online subscription has no binding period but a two months’ notice period.

The offline subscription can be ordered as a 6-month or 12-month binding period.

Please find the full set of terms and conditions for using ZebClient.

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