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Want to go cloud scale for your advanced analytics but worried about cost and performance?

ZebClient delivers memory speeds to your cloud data at extreme cost reductions

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Access cloud data storage at memory speed​

ZebClient accelerates cloud data to meet the requirements of HPC use cases like advanced analytics, AI and ML. ZebClient brings both reduced time to insight and radical cost savings!

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Get extreme savings on cloud data cost – with minimal setup effort​

ZebClient enables low-cost cloud data storage for the most demanding use cases​:

  • Advanced analytics
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence
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We are Zebware!

Zebware was born out of frustration over complex, inflexible and hardware-driven storage solutions. From our own hard-earned experience, it was obvious that existing solutions were not good enough to support both the rapidly changing requirements of managing, processing and storing data and application development requirements. We began a mission to boost the scalability, performance and security within big data architecture. Our efforts culminated in ZebClient, the premier cloud data accelerator.

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