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Manage data growth and compute-intense applications in a cost-efficient way

Data analytics, AI and edge compute require your data solutions to have high availability, present ultra-fast response times and offer easy scalability.  Challenging demands - and in most cases conflicting.

ZebClient gives you the solution!

The ZebClient software turns your complete stack of memory and data storage into a heat-mapped tiered memory to:

  • serve data at unrivalled speed to your applications – leveraging the capabilities of new memory technology and accelerating read and write speeds across your memory and storage setup
  • provide endless scalability to your IT solution– handling massive data growth
  • secure redundancy to your data – mitigating effects of network or hardware failure and eliminating your need for separate data backup
  • disaggregate your data storage from compute operations – making your hot and warm data locally available on compute nodes in memory
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Take control and put your data in the cloud

Secure your ability to benefit from all the advantages that modern cloud technology has to offer  – without risking to expose your valuable data or compromise your data sovereignty. Orchesto provides you with the tools you need to protect your data, to fulfil compliance requirements and to avoid cloud service supplier lock-in effects.

The Orchesto software makes your cloud data solution:

  • compliant – using the advanced event-driven Orchesto policy management functionality
  • secure – adding customer side encryption to data in transit and at rest
  • available and redundant – using the unique Orchesto erasure code-based algorithm
  • protected – even from ransomware attacks by applying the Orchesto data integrity and versioning functions
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We are Zebware!

Zebware was born out of frustration over complex, inflexible and hardware driven storage solutions not delivering according to application development needs nor to brand promises. From our own hard-earned experience, it was obvious that existing solutions were not good enough to support the – often rapidly – changing requirements of managing, processing and storing data while still supporting application development requirements. To solve the issues at hand, we invented ZebEC, an erasure code-based algorithm boosting scalability, security and performance. ZebEC is now integrated into our products ZebClient and Orchesto®.

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