Innovation Driven by Real Needs

Have you had enough of complex inflexible hardware and storage requirements impacting the rest of the business? So have we. This is how it all started.

Born out of frustration

Zebware was born out of frustration over complex, inflexible and hardware-driven storage solutions not delivering according to application development needs nor to brand promises. From our own hard-earned experience, it was obvious that existing solutions were not good enough to support both the rapidly changing requirements of managing, processing and storing data and application development requirements. To solve the issues at hand, we invented ZebEC, an erasure code-based algorithm boosting scalability, security and performance. ZebEC is now integrated into software.

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Our vision is to be the world leader in global data access software as well as hybrid-cloud solutions securing our customers complete data sovereignty over time.


With our globally available market-disruptive software, we apply a close-to-application abstraction layer, securing the capability for our customers to gain the full value of their data.

Zebwarian Culture

Zebware is a Swedish software development company based in Stockholm and acting on the global arena. We wanted to have our base in Stockholm to take advantage of – and contribute to – the city’s prosperous start-up scene. Today, a few years later, we are very excited with what the city has offered us. We just love Stockholm with its tech-savvy population and extremely high openness to new ideas! We have incorporated that culture into the company. High quality and uncomplicated design in the true Swedish way is the very foundation of Zebware´s innovations and solutions.