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Why Zebware’s ZebClient is the smart choice for cloud storage

Cloud storage costs can be a significant concern, often resulting in skyrocketing bills. However, ZebClient offers a groundbreaking solution to this problem.

The ZebClient architecture provides up to a 70% cost reduction compared to an architecture relying on AWS FSx for Lustre. By storing data in use near compute nodes and leveraging cost-effective cloud storage for your data lake, ZebClient delivers ultra-high-speed data access while significantly reducing costs.

How much can you save with ZebClient?

Start saving money by using ZebClient for your advanced applications. Compare the cost of using ZebClient vs. Amazon FSx for Lustre by entering your desired throughput capacity and data volume. Or compare ZebClient to Azure NetApp Files instead.


750 MB/s

Read/write speed to applications

Data volume

100 GB

Data in cold storage available to applications


Monthly cost (including AWS):


Amazon FSx for Lustre

Monthly cost:

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ZebClient performance

Read/write performance to applications: performanceZebClient

Application layer

Total ZebClient cost: applicationCost

Based on customer use of instance type:

appInstances number of appInstance nodes

CPUs per node: coresPerNode

ZebClient fee specification 2x$30 + 48x$10

Acceleration layer

Total ZebClient cost: 0 $

Total AWS cost: totalServerCost

Based on best acceleration layer configuration of AWS resources:

serverInstances number of serverInstance nodes

AWS EBS cost, warm data: additionalCostOutput

Data storage layer

Total ZebClient cost: dataCostZebClient

Total AWS cost: dataCostAws

Based on ZebClient data under management fee of: 6 $/TB + AWS S3 cost of: 23 $/TB + 10% data request /retrieval

Data compression savings: 0%

Amazon FSx for Lustre performance

Amazon FSx for Lustre configuration is based on the lowest possible cost to meet both the performance and data volume requirements

Throughput capacity plan: planLustre

Provisioned data volume: volumeLustre

Amazon FSX data compression savings: 0%

Amazon FSx for Lustre price can be verified at:

Enjoy cost savings, high-performance and efficiency with ZebClient

ZebClient delivers ultra-high performance per core to application nodes, surpassing the basic performance requirements set by Lustre. Additionally, ZebClient offers up to 70% savings compared to a comparable Lustre solution.

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