Elastx - our new Swedish cloud service provider partner

November 18, 2020

Elastx is our new Swedish cloud service provider partner

We are happy to announce that the Swedish cloud service provider Elastx is now available as a predefined backend option in our Orchesto solution. 

- We look forward to extend our portfolio of cloud providers with our new Swedish partner ElastX. ElastX contributes with not only an EU-based public cloud operation but also with an expertise in cloud technology and Kubernetes that truly adds value to our joint customers, says Marie Johansson, CEO at Zebware.

Joakim Öhman, CEO at Elastx: 
- We are excited about the Zebware partnership. They have great tools that will help our customers to secure and manage their data in the cloud. 

With Elastx we strengthen and expand our offer of cloud service providers alongside the 15+ providers already defined. Together, we offer an all-Swedish solution, addressing the increasing demand for domestically produced cloud services. 

Please read more about our versatile and secure cloud solutions and contact us at Zebware and Elastx

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