Intel - ZebClient solution brief

November 18, 2021

Access global cloud data at local memory speed

Organizations that want the high performance of the latest memory technologies and the flexibility of cloud storage, to power data-intensive workloads such as analytics and edge computing applications, face complex challenges.

  • Data access bottlenecks – performance of applications accessing remote storage is limited by the speed of internet lines and cloud services.
  • Complex data management – connecting applications to multiple, decentralized file and object stores, and maintaining data security and governance, is difficult and resource-intensive.
  • Loss of performance at scale – it is difficult to globally scale and access storage while meeting cost efficiency and performance requirements.

ZebClient provides a solution to these challenges, with high-performance data access software that leverages Intel® OptaneTM persistent memory and Intel® OptaneTM SSDs to bring cloud data to memory. ZebClient disaggregates cloud storage and applies automatic memory tiering and metadata, to serve advanced applications with high-performance, global access to data.

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Gabriel Satzger

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