Eliminate local storage


ZebClient enables you to replace expensive local storage with inexpensive cloud storage with no loss in performance. When data is needed, ZebClient serves cloud data at ultra-high speed from persistent memory close to application.

Eliminate local storage

The global datasphere is expected to quadruple from 2019 to 2025. The requirements for durable, cost-effective and easily accessible data storage is skyrocketing. Your data is one of the most valuable assets for your business and must  always be available and protected.

Disaggregated storage solution

ZebClient disaggregates data storage and accelerates data access speeds to applications.. ZebClient writes input data to multiple storage tiers, including the cold cloud-based storage, and therefore eliminates the need for local storage or  separate backup solutions. As both S3 and file data are supported, cloud storage is made available even for legacy system data.

ZebClient enables a true hybrid-cloud solution combining the best of on-prem and cloud.

Durable cloud storage at on-prem speed

ZebClient moves access to data from storage to memory or fast disks close to applications. Using cloud storage for data outlet, ZebClient secures data durability and eliminates the need for local storage. Application  nodes with ZebClient act like stateless applications and are easy to move: all data is available in the cloud storage.

ZebClient continuously writes all data to all tiers, including the cloud storage tier. Data durability is therefore always secured.

As data storage is placed in the cloud, there are significant cost savings from a reduced need of IT operations on-prem, a more flexible and scalable infrastructure, and of IT capex.

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