ZebClient pricing

Eliminate the need for local storage and speed up the access to data with a ZebClient license or enjoy a free trial.

The ZebClient subscription

We aim to always offer a transparent and competitive price based on the value our products bring to our customers. The ZebClient product is billed every month based on the consumption during the previous month. 

Pay-as-you-go price plan: The basic ZebClient subscription is offered as a pay-as-you-go-model based on number of active ZebClient agents and aggregated reads and writes data volume.

Customised pricing: We offer customized price models for high volume use cases. Please contact us to learn more.  

Try for free: Try out ZebClient for a 30-day free period, it's free, no credit card required. Head over to our store and get started today.

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Price list



10 €/Month

Data writes

0,025 €/GB

Hot tier data read

0,025 €/GB

Warm tier data read

0,0125 €/GB

Cold tier data read

0,01 €/GB

Side-feed data

Write 0 €/GB, Read 0,025 €/GB

Small data operations

0,005 €/1000 operations

Price list is valid from June 30, 2021. ZebClient price lists are also available in SEK and USD in our store.


  • All prices are exclusive of VAT
  • The number of agents corresponds to the number of ZebClient interfaces deployed.
  • Data writes are data placed in the top tier of ZebClient from the application(s) connected to ZebClient.
  • Side-feed data are external data imported directly to the cold tier.
  • Side-feed of data is free, i.e. writes associated with side-feed are not charged. The first time a side-fed data volume is read, a hot read fee is applied. 
  • Small data operations are operations on data volumes < 65 kB. 

At Zebware, we always strive to provide a relevant and competitive price list. All prices are therefore subject to change.

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