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ZebClient powers high-performance data lakes in the cloud. It accelerates the cloud data access speeds required for advanced analytics - enabling low-cost cloud storage for large scale data lakes. ZebClient is also compatible with POSIX to support AI or machine learning frameworks with a shareable, parallel file system. Scale your date lake to whatever size - and benefit from cost savings from day 1.​

Data Lakehouse – for analytics anywhere

Advanced analytics boosts your competitiveness and your bottom line by leveraging the value of your data. To make data-driven decisions as efficiently as possible, you need access to big data, and you need it fast. ZebClient enables you to cost-effectively use the analytics tools you need by increasing the scalability of your data storage solution.


ZebClient enables lakehouse configurations to boost high-performance data lakes. You gain the scalability, cost-efficiency and data durability provided by the cloud storage AND the ultra-high speeds needed to power your advanced analytics applications. On top of that you can add multiple sources of data from multiple locations, providing you deeper and faster insights than traditional data silos.

Having the fastest cloud access matters in real-world situations such as:

  • Identifying patterns within health data to better inform or treat at the point of care
  • Analyzing customer complaints to provide call center employees solutions to improve customer care
  • Supply chain optimization to factor demand, cost fluctuations and changing customer preferences to secure an adaptable supply chain

ZebClient and lakehouse combined substantially improve data lake management by delivering maximizedperformance, total flexibility and improved ROI. The simplified architecture enables customers to perform advanced analytic operations in hybrid cloud or local private compute deployments without moving the data.

The offering

ZebClient act as a cloud data accelerator and makes cloud data available to applications at memory speed. When including lakehouse components such as metadata tables, data access speeds are accelerated even further and enables your chosen analytics application to use multiple data sources from multiple clouds.

At Zebware, we have verified the Apache suite of lakehouse tools to accomplish a significant boost in performance.

FAQ On ZebClient’s Data Lakehouse Cloud Solutions

What is a lakehouse?

A data lakehouse is a modern data architecture that combines the power of a data lake and a data warehouse to store, analyze and manage large amounts of structured and unstructured data.

Why is parallel file storage important?

Parallel file storage is important because it enables faster retrieval of cloud data by distributing the storage workload across multiple servers in a network, and allows for more efficient use of space and resources by storing components of a single file across multiple servers or multiple clouds.

Why is ZebClient the right cloud solution for my analytics or big data storage needs?

Faster cloud data provides AI or analytics systems with quicker access to larger datasets, enabling them to process more information in a shorter timeframe. This allows AI applications to quickly develop insights and make accurate predictions, improving their overall functionality, and allows analytics functionalities to interpret the data in the cloud faster.

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