Ransomware Protection

Protect your data from ransomware attacks by using our unique Orchesto solution for data loss prevention.

Why shall I use Orchesto Ransomware Protection?

Preventing ransomware attacks is a hard and never-ending task. No matter what instructions are given or what intelligent software is used to identify and prevent attacks, cyber criminals always seem to find a new way to lock the most valuable asset your organization has – your data.

Recognising that the key asset to focus on is the data, the Orchesto Ransomware Protection support is securing the prevention of data loss in the event of an attack.

Why I should use Ransomware Protection

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is a malicious software designed to block access to a computer system or computer files until a sum of money is paid. Most ransomware variants encrypt the files on the affected computer, making them inaccessible, and demand a ransom payment to restore access.

The major benefits of using Orchesto Ransomware Protection 

Data integrity

Data Integrity

Securing the integrity of the data at any time by safeguarding it from being altered or deleted

Data versioning

Data Versioning

All data is versioned for easy recovery from ransomware attacks, unintended user actions and application failures

Data protection

Data Backup

Data is backed up automatically to any appointed internal or external site to secure data

What does Orchesto Ransomware Protection offer?

The Orchesto ransomware protection functionality is based on the data integrity and security features of data versioning and immutable buckets. The backup functionality can be added for extra high data availability support by backing up data to alternative backend (read more about these features below).

Orchesto safeguards data from any alteration whether intentional or accidental and includes support for versioning, meaning that current state is secured as well. Orchesto thus provides an excellent tool to mitigate effects of ransomware attacks. To further increase the robustness and integrity of the solution, immutable buckets form a part of the solution. Data stored in an immutable bucket cannot be altered or deleted.

For extra protection from data loss, the Orchesto provides the support of automatically performed backup of data to secondary storage safeguarding data from ransomware attacks by making the data inaccessible from any infected internal computer.

Orchesto Ransomware Protection

Orchesto Ransomware Protection features and benefits

Data versioning

Data versioning

Versioning is a key component in the ransomware protection solution providing the means to always retrieve an earlier version of data in order to restore data lost from theft, from attacks, by accident or system breakdown

Customers can choose to apply versioning based on data classification or simply for all data originated in applications connected to Orchesto

Immutable buckets support

Immutable buckets support

The purpose of an immutable bucket is to safeguard data from any alteration whether intentional or accidental

Data stored in an immutable bucket cannot be altered or deleted. It allows the general user to read and write data whereas delete and overwriting of data is blocked. The configuration is implemented by a root administrator creating buckets and distributing the correct rights to other users

Backup of data

Backup of data

For even higher data protection, the Orchesto automated online backup of data can be added to the solution

This feature enables background data replication to any appointed site, internal or external. Data is then replicated to a second storage as soon as it is identified by Orchesto. By this, backup of data can be secured and to a site completely separated from where data is typically stored and handled

Additional adta protection

Additional data protection

Our patented dispersal algorithm zIDA makes it possible to split data into smaller pieces and store them at multiple cloud providers, which means that data stored in one cloud provider is useless for someone with bad intensions. When using a minimum of three storage backends, a complete set of data can be restored even if one backend should be unavailable, which increases the availability. Orchesto can also secure that all data is encrypted to secure an even higher degree of security

Installation of Orchesto Ransomware Protection

For small and medium sized organisations, Zebware primarily offers the service as a hosted and managed service, meaning you do not need to make any installations on your side except open access to the data to be protected. For enterprise sized customers the service can be installed on premises in many different types of environments.

Stand alone

Stand alone

Orchesto Ransomware Protection can be bought as a stand-alone product for on-prem installation or as a hosted service

Add on


The Orchesto Ransomware Protection functionality can also be used as an add-on to any prior Orchesto installation such as Orchesto-365

How do I start using Orchesto Ransomware Protection?

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