Orchesto Cloud Encrypt​

Unrivalled protection for your data in the cloud​.

Why use Orchesto Cloud Encrypt for my cloud data?​

Organisations all over the world adopt cloud technology to enjoy the benefits of cost control and flexibility to their IT solutions. More importantly, companies turn to the cloud to secure their competitive edge and future-proof their business.

In doing so, it is fundamental that data is duly protected. Your data is a business-critical asset and unauthorised access can ruin your business.

Orchesto Cloud Encrypt is a software-based product uniquely tailored to protect your data in the cloud – encrypting it all the way and across cloud borders. When applying the Orchesto Cloud Encrypt, you use your own encryption keys to block any external access. You also get access to a smorgasbord of additional cloud data protection functionality from the Orchesto platform.

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Orchesto Cloud Encrypt is a key component for successful protection of data in the cloud

It is cloud smart – Orchesto Coud Encrypt is an independent solution ready to use in public, private and hybrid cloud settings and across cloud borders.

It is providing highest level security – Orchesto Cloud Encrypt enables you to take full advantage of the cloud without risking exposure of your business-critical data.

It is fast, automated and reliable – Orchesto Cloud Encrypt provides an automated data protection without the need for end-user interaction. ​

What is the AES-256 encryption? ​

Encryption is the process of encoding information. This process converts the original representation of the information, known as plaintext, into an alternative form known as ciphertext. The design and strength of the AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard)  algorithm is sufficient to protect classified information up to the Top Secret level by the US government. The 256-bit AES was developed by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST, in close cooperation with the industry and the cryptographic community. It is a verified encryption standard used all over the world.​

Orchesto Cloud Encrypt features and benefits

Orchesto Cloud Encrypt

Orchesto Cloud Encrypt

Encrypts all data or a selection of data down to object level before it leaves your network.​

Encryption Keys

Use of Customer Keys

Guarantees that no external party is able to access and decrypt your data. ​

High-level Security​

High Security​

The encryption method used is the high security 256-bit AES algorithm.​

What does Orchesto Cloud Encrypt offer?

For a multi-cloud setup Orchesto Cloud Encrypt enables a centralized encryption configuration to be applied across all clouds.

When using Orchesto Cloud Encrypt, data is encrypted immediately and close to the data generating application, thus ensuring that data is encrypted  end-to-end.

The Orchesto Cloud Encrypt enables customers to take full advantage of the cloud in terms of cost control, ease of operation, shortened time to market, and competitiveness. This is accomplished as Orchesto is placing customers in control of the encryption that in turn protects customers’ cloud data from unauthorised access.

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