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Make your Microsoft 365 data private, compliant and even more secure by using our cyber security solution Orchesto-365​.

Why shall I use Orchesto-365 for my cyber security?

Microsoft 365 is a well-used and popular service but it does not always meet your IT security and compliance requirements for sensitive data.

Orchesto-365 is a pinpointed cyber security solution for Microsoft 365 that secures your cloud data based on your own data security and data classification. Orchesto-365 can encrypt or move selected data and make sure that your data cannot be shared or accessed by anyone who does not have permissions for it.

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What is cyber security?

Cybersecurity or information technology security (IT security), refers to the body of technologies, processes and practices designed to protect computer systems, networks, devices, programs and data from damage, theft or unauthorized access, as well as from the disruption, misdirection of the services they provide.

Orchesto-365 helps organisations in several different areas



Use and store data according to local regulations

Data security

Data Security

Increase data security dramatically



Make your Microsoft 365 data collaboration safe



Stay in control of all your data

What does Orchesto-365 add to my cyber security?

No hassle. Orchesto-365 integrates the end user and their Microsoft 365 account to a trusted managed cloud service of your choice. Orchesto-365 runs in the background and does not interfere with how the end user normally works with its Microsoft 365 data.

Managed cloud service. Orchesto-365 can be offered as a managed cloud service. A trusted partner then handles initial configurations, deployment of service and on-going operations. On-going operations including updates of data classification and related policies, release handling etc.

Secure file management. The solution includes ZebDrive - an application installed in user devices. With this application, users can access all data and are given the opportunity to place sensitive data directly in a trusted cloud service, thus bypassing Microsoft 365. Using ZebDrive secures that sensitive data is never stored or processed in a non-compliant cloud solution.

Data classification. By using customers data classification, Orchesto-365 automatically performs actions such as encryption or permanent removal and transfer of data from non-compliant to compliant cloud storage, e.g. from Microsoft 365 OneDrive to a regulatory compliant cloud service.

Orchesto-365 integrates Microsoft 365 data with a trusted cloud provider

Orchesto-365 protects your data in cyber security according to your data classification

Data classification

Data classification

Users can use their own data classification or deploy the Microsoft Sensitivity Labels

Automated actions

Automated actions

Orchesto-365 performs actions, like encryption or move, on data according to customer data classification

No interruptions

No hassle

End users can work as usual when handling non-sensitive data

Moves data

Moves data

Orchesto-365 moves sensitive data from Microsoft 365 and places it in a trusted cloud

Encrypts data

Encrypts data

Orchesto-365 automatically encrypts sensitive data in Microsoft 365 using customers own encryption keys

Protects data

Protects data

Data is protected in compute operations, at rest and when backing up data otherwise in Microsoft 365

The Orchesto-365 solution - part of cyber security

Orchesto-365 is a hybrid cloud platform tailored to secure your ownership of data in Microsoft 365. Orchesto-365 empowers you to fully take advantage of the Microsoft 365 services in a compliant and safe way. Key features of Orchesto-365 include data governance, data security and secure data collaboration:

Data governance

Data Governance

Orchesto-365 provides the tools to secure full compliance with applicable regulations as well as company data governance rules. In other words, Orchesto-365 solves the challenges associated with the handling of sensitive data in the cloud – and does not force users to change their way of working in Microsoft 365.

Data security

Data Security

Orchesto-365 positions you in control of your data security  – even when using cloud based applications. Providing support for customer controlled encryption keys for strong end-to-end data encryption, the Zebware patented data dispersal algorithm and IAM integration to Microsoft Active Directory are all parts of the Orchesto-365 delivery that allows you to secure your data when using the Microsoft 365 applications.

Data collaboration

Data Collaboration

Orchesto-365 makes your data private even when shared in Microsoft 365 OneDrive, SharePoint or Teams. ​Orchesto-365 solves the challenges presented when data needs to be both protected and shared. By use of Orchesto functions, sensitive data is automatically encrypted and moved to trusted clouds before being shared via ZebDrive. ​In addition to access rights, access to documents can be limited based on a predefined date.

Orchesto subscription models

The Orchesto products are all offered based on a subscription model to secure the best possible customer value and cost structure.

The Orchesto Pro model is tailored for our customers using Orchesto in production to enable and secure a robust cloud design. For development or testing purposes and for small scale implementations, we also offer a pay-as-you-go model, the Orchesto Go subscription.

Right now you can try out the Orchesto for a 30-day free period to pick the Orchesto product and subscription best fitted for your organisational needs, please check out the subscription models here.

How do I start using the cyber security solution Orchesto-365?

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