Disperse your data for maximum security with the zIDA patented algorithm.


zIDA is a non-systematic patented information dispersal algorithm. zIDA splits the object into redundant data chunks, meaning that your data is safe and can always be retrieved even if it suffers damage or becomes unavailable.

On top of protecting data from unauthorised access and interception, Orchesto is also capable of further protect data by dispersing it across multiple clouds. Data is dispersed using the unique Zebware Information Dispersal Algorithm (zIDA) based on an enhanced version of erasure code. When activated, Orchesto zIDA transforms a data object into fragments which are then dispersed to different clouds. This procedure makes it practically impossible to retrieve the original data from any other place than the original source.

The zIDA erasure code library is based on a discrete and exact version of the random Mojette Transform. The Mojette transform is by nature a non-systematic code and the parity chunks have a larger size (1 + ε) than corresponding systematic chunks (k), where epsilon is ε > 0 making the parity chunks (m) containing more information than data chunks.

zIDA is designed to be highly performant on CPU’s without advanced acceleration features and deliver excellent results even on less potent CPUs, but take full advantage of modern CPUs features when present.

The zIDA erasure code is rate-less. This means that it is possible to set any redundancy level to a specific use case for optimal functionality, and add or reduce the redundancy level without noticeable performance impact when tiering the data from hot to cold storage or vice versa.



  • Adding zIDA on top of Cloud Encrypt, TLS and IAM completes the comprehensive set of security functionality offered by the Orchesto gateway.
  • It reduces the risk for and the mitigates the impact of data loss as well as impact from data breach.
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