Read & Write Cache

Leveraging hybrid cloud benefits for legacy and cloud native applications through one single interface.

Speed up access to cloud data and limit the amount of data fetched from the cloud provider.

To further improve the performance of a multi cloud design, Orchesto can be configured to read and write to cache. With caching enabled, Orchesto can greatly speed up access to cloud data and as a consequence, limiting the amount of data fetched from the cloud provider and thereby reducing the costs associated with retrieving it.

The cache is enabled per cloud server provider backend. The setup is done via the Orchesto user interface by choosing the caching indicator for every cloud and then establish how the caching should operate. The operations configuration will define the paths where to cache the data, the number of days data should remain in the cache before expiring, how much of the available space on the cache drives can be used and what cloud suppliers the caching should be enabled for. When caching has been enabled for a certain cloud service supplier, all buckets from that cloud will have their objects cached.

Read & Write Cache


  • The cache substantially increases performance for any data operation where the data is in a cloud.
  • As data can be served directly from cache, the cost of retrieving data from a cloud could be considerably lowered.
  • The cache functionality is enabled per cloud supplier and can be adapted to best fit the application and cloud service used.
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