Orchesto Fort

Unrivalled protection for data in the cloud. Protected from internal and external threats in transport as well as at rest.

Securing data all the way and always by separating data owner and application owner rights

Orchesto Fort is a key Zebware delivery to secure data in hybrid cloud environments. It is designed as a pre-configured hybrid cloud storage bucket supporting a separation of rights between data owners and application owners. This design provides the means for securing and protecting data not only from external threats but also from internal wrongdoing. The result is a design where protection corresponding to for example legal compliance and ransomware protection is achieved. Furthermore, it enables immediate and persistent availability and accessibility to data. 

Orchesto Fort is built based on the following technical functionality:


- A tech feature able to carry out the preservation, retrieval, and restore of every object version contained in a bucket. Versioning protects objects from being accidentally overwritten or deleted. It makes all objects always recoverable.

Immutable bucket 

- A tech function explicitly denying all users, including applications and application administrators, the ability to delete buckets and object versions but allowing object writes and listings of all object versions. Making the bucket immutable safeguards that no object version created is deleted without enterprise bucket permissions from the data owner. 

When defining a new bucket, Orchesto Fort supports two different configurations of the bucket: 

  • Allowing data administrators to turn the Fort functionality on or off 
  • Providing full data sovereignty to data owner by always delivering Fort for data and buckets

When using Orchesto Fort, data is protected from: 

  • Malicious programs like ransomware, malware and virus 
  • Software bugs
  • User wrongdoings
  • Administrative mistakes
Orchesto Fort


Orchesto Fort provides a separation of responsibility between data and application. It is used with preset organisational procedures to comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

  • The Orchesto Fort bucket explicitly denies application and application administrators the ability to delete buckets and object versions
  • The Orchesto Fort bucket allows application and application administrators the ability to write objects and to list all versions of objects
  • The Orchesto Fort buckets safeguards that no object version created is deleted without permission set by data owner
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