Multi-Cloud Deployment

Multi-Cloud deployment gets easy with Orchesto.

Multi-Cloud Deployment

Using Orchesto makes it easy to add and update connections to different cloud suppliers including any private cloud. Every Orchesto deployment is configured separately via either the Orchesto user interface, the Orchesto APIs or the Orchesto Command Line Interface (CLI).

Through the user interface management console, the API or the CLI, an administrator can associate data buckets with one or several backend cloud services. The application itself would not be aware of where the data is sitting. This allows for a complete separation of application and data where a data owner or, for programmatic handling, the Orchesto platform, can make decisions regarding the data without requiring changes to or impacting the end-user application.

Every bucket can be configured to support optional Orchesto functionality like Cloud Encrypt, data dispersal through the Zebware patented erasure code based zIDA algorithm, or immutable buckets functionality. Activities like taking snapshots or performing live data synchronisation are also initiated and managed via the Orchesto user interface, the APIs or CLIs.

One additional benefit of using Orchesto is that it empowers cherry-picking of cloud services by simply moving the data to the cloud that best meets the objectives at that point in time. This can be achieved without it requiring any material changes to the application. As an example, in a multi-cloud design, one dataset in the application can be associated with the one cloud supplier that best fits the technical requirements from a data analysis perspective whilst other datasets can be associated with those cloud suppliers providing the lowest possible cost or the best availability. 

As soon as the configurations are completed, the Orchesto Central management system provides a comprehensive overview and a wide set of tools to further improve the orchestration of the multi-cloud design.

Multi-Cloud Deployment


  • By providing direct integration to a variety of cloud providers, the Orchesto product suite facilitates a true multi-cloud architecture and design.
  • Orchesto is truly enabling multi-cloud strategies through its ability to support a wide set of applications.
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