Orchesto Live Data Synchronisation

Migrate your data seamless to a new location while keeping it available to work with.

Orchesto Live Data Synchronisation

In addition to providing easy setup and access to a number of different cloud service providers, Orchesto also delivers tools enabling easy migration of data between different clouds.  The Orchesto live data synchronisation not only enables the data synchronisation but also supports this without causing any disruptions for applications and users.

The live data synchronisation can, in addition to programmatic management, be executed via the Orchesto gateway user interface by simply selecting a bucket to sync, clicking the "Create Sync" button and then specifying a destination cloud service provider and a bucket to which the data will be copied. Even if the live data synchronisation is started and, on its way, users can still continue to work without being affected or even noticing that a data migration is taking place.

When uploading new objects, these will be placed in the destination bucket while existing objects are served either from the source or destination bucket depending on whether they have been copied yet or not. The synchronisation job is removed from the bucket as soon as the data synchronisation is completed. At this point, the bucket in Orchesto is connected to the destination bucket only and all read and write operations are made to this target.

The Orchesto gateway ability to move data between storage providers without downtime is one the most powerful features of the gateway.

Orchesto Live Data Synchronisation


  • The Orchesto Live Data Move and Synchronisation module is included as standard in all Orchesto software packages
  • Enables data sync across cloud service provider borders without interruption to usage
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