Orchesto Identity and Access Management

Manage access to your resources securely with IAM.

Orchesto Identity and Access Management

Orchesto Identity and Access Management (IAM) is included as standard in all Orchesto packages. By allowing control of user access to critical information, the IAM feature forms an essential part of the security as well as the governance delivery of Orchesto. The IAM enables an effective and flexible working method to protect sensitive cloud data from data breaches and to fulfil compliance requirements.

According to standard IAM system procedure, the assigned administrator of Orchesto initially defines the accurate roles of company users to map to the intended access control. Orchesto is then capable of carrying out the permission or denial of access to the data that’s been flowed through it. The effect is that access privileges are granted from by granular policies and that all users are properly authenticated and authorised. In this context, access refers to the individual capacity of a user to perform a specific task on a specific resource, such as view, modify or delete a file. Combined with the governance management feature of Orchesto, the IAM feature composes a powerful tool for the support of company data policy and compliance to legal and industry requirements.

Basic features of the Orchesto IAM include:

  • User access management: creation of users and the associated assignment of security credentials (access keys, passwords) or requirements of temporary security credentials
  • Action management: defining what actions such as read, write, delete etc a user can perform on what resource
Orchesto Identity and Access Management


  • The Orchesto Identity and Access Management (IAM) feature is included as standard in all Orchesto SW packages
  • The Orchesto Identity and Access Management allows for the separation of roles as well as authentication and resource authorisation
  • The IAM is crucial to the protection of data and especially so when moving data and applications to the cloud
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