Orchesto CSI

The Orchesto Container Storage Interface is enabling multi-cloud designs.

Orchesto CSI

Orchesto provides a unified Container Storage Interface (CSI) for the connection of applications to cloud and storage systems.  It is implemented by mapping one gateway to one application storing data or performing operations. The data could reside on premise, in the cloud or be dispersed across a multi- or hybrid cloud setup. To better support cloud deployments of legacy applications, Orchesto also supports translation to cloud native designs via the standardized CSI interface.

The deployment of CSI makes it possible to design an operating environment where legacy applications run side-by-side with cloud native applications in a modern, containerized solution. This setup facilitates an optimal use of on- and off-prem resources as best suited for each individual company’s needs while still keeping underlying data separated from the application layer.

Through the single south-bound Orchesto interface, a large number of different cloud providers, customers’ own private clouds and other on-prem file systems can be accessed. The applications connected to Orchesto are no longer subject to the complexity associated with the differences between various cloud protocols as Orchesto is performing that translation too. With this abstraction from the underlying cloud supplier, our customers can store and manage data in a substantially more flexible way compared to today and without the need for any additional technical development. Orchesto is thus providing not only a simplified way of connecting legacy as well as cloud native applications to the cloud but is also presenting an easy way of implementing a multi-cloud design.

The introduction of Orchesto marks a radical shift in how new operating environments can be set up, leveraging the best opportunities from private and different public clouds.

Orchesto CSI


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