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Orchesto subscription model

Orchesto is available through two subscription models.

The first subscription model is a pay-as-you-go model – Orchesto Go. This model is offered both for a complete Orchesto package including all available functionality Orchesto has to offer and for the Orchesto Ransomware Protection standalone offer. The complete Orchesto Go package is priced by the amount of data that is under management by Orchesto, including data in cache. The Ransomware Protection standalone package is priced only by the amount of data included in ransomware protection management by Orchesto.

The second subscription model is a flexible model which includes a basic set of functionality and the option to customise the product with add-on value packages. In this model there is a monthly subscription fee based on the functionality selected plus a low variable fee for data under management.

Unsure what subscription is for you? Enjoy a free month of Orchesto with access to all of its functions. And it's completely free, no credit card required. We want you to try Orchesto so you can make the right decision for your needs if you should decide to continue using the product. Head over to our Customer Portal and sign up today.

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Price list

Orchesto Go
License Monthly fee One time fee Data under management Data via cache
Orchesto Basic + All Inclusive Free Free 0,02 €/GB 0,09 €/GB
Orchesto Ransomware Protection Free 1000 € 0,03 €/GB Free
Orchesto Management System Monthly fee One time fee
Orchesto Central Free 1000 €
Orchesto Pro
License Monthly fee Data under management Data via cache
Orchesto Basic 800 € 0,005 €/GB Free
Value package Monthly fee
Cloud Optimization +200 €
High Security +500 €
Governance +500 €
All Inclusive +700 €
Orchesto Management System Monthly fee One time fee
Orchesto Central Free 1000 €

Price list is valid from August 10, 2020


  • All prices are exclusive of VAT
  • Data under management is any stored data that has been uploaded through Orchesto.
  • Data under management is calculated as the average within the billing period.
  • Data via cache is charged based on total volume of data served from Orchesto's cache within the billing period.
  • Orchesto Pro has a 12 months’ binding period. Orchesto Go has no binding period.
  • Both subscription models have two months notice period.
  • Value packages can be added and/or replaced at any time (for Orchesto Pro) and will be effective within 24 hours. New and/or reimbursement of fees are adjusted the following month.
  • Monthly subscription fees are billed in advance while all variable fees are billed the following month.
  • Orchesto Go can be upgraded to Orchesto Pro with no notice period and effective from start of next billing period.
  • A onetime charge of 1000 € is billed if also choosing the highly recommended access to the custom-view Orchesto Central management system.
  • Volume is calculated in decimal gigabytes (GB), where 1GB is 10^6 bytes.

At Zebware, we always strive to provide a relevant and competitive price list. All prices are therefore subject to change.

Orchesto features and packaging

Orchesto Basic

Orchesto includes a basic set of functionality that lets you take control of your data. Out of the box it comes with easy configuration and mapping of virtual buckets to hybrid and multi cloud with 15+ preconfigured cloud providers. It also comes with a read and write cache for faster access to objects as well as minimising the cost of egress data. Orchesto can secure and lower your total storage by dispersing data over multiple locations instead of having full backups. Built in versioning of objects mean you’ll never have to worry about losing data due to overwrites or deletes and buckets can be moved to another location to prevent the lock-in effect. Identity and access management is built in as well for total control of data usage.

Orchesto Basic includes:

ransomware protection

Ransomware Protection

The Orchesto ransomware protection functionality is based on the data integrity and security features of data versioning and immutable buckets. The backup functionality can be added for extra high data availability support by backing up data to alternative backend.

Orchesto Ransomware Protection includes:

  • Orchesto Versioning
    Add an additional layer of protection to your data and recover from unintended user actions and application failures.
  • Orchesto Immutable Buckets
    Immutable buckets secures the integrity of the data at any time by safeguarding it from being altered or deleted.
  • zIDA
    Disperse your data for maximum security with the zIDA patented algorithm.

Value add-ons

Extend the functionality of Orchesto Basic with an add-on package.

cloud optimisation

Cloud Optimisation

Connect any application to cloud and storage systems. With this value package it possible to design an operating environment where legacy applications run side-by-side with cloud native applications in a modern, containerized solution.

Package includes:

  • Orchesto CSI
    The Orchesto Container Storage Interface is enabling multi-cloud designs.
high security

High Security

Encrypt your data at the immediate proximity to where it is generated, in transport and at rest. This value package comes pre-integrated with a Key Management System (KMS) where customers own and manage their own sets of keys.

Package includes:



Manage and enforce data policies like mandatory encryption of certain data or time-based deletion of data for information security and GDPR compliance with this value package.

Package includes:

all inclusive

All Inclusive

Orchesto also comes in an all inclusive packaging with all functionality available at a discounted fee.

Package includes:

  • Cloud Optimization value package
  • High Security value package
  • Governance value package
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