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Orchesto subscription model

Orchesto is available through two subscription models. The first is a pay-as-you-go model and includes all available functionality Orchesto has to offer and is priced only by the amount of data that is under management by Orchesto, including data in cache. The second is a flexible model which includes a basic set of functionality and the option to customise the product with add-on value packages. In this model there is a monthly subscription fee based on the functionality selected plus a low variable fee for data under management.

Unsure what subscription is for you? Enjoy a free month of Orchesto with access to all of its functions. And it's completely free, no credit card required. We want you to try Orchesto so you can make the right decision for your needs if you should decide to continue using the product. Head over to our Customer Portal and sign up today.

Price list*

Orchesto Go
License Monthly cost Data under management Data via cache
Orchesto Basic + All Inclusive Free 0,02 €/GB 0,09 €/GB
Orchesto Pro
License Monthly cost Data under management Data via cache
Orchesto Basic 800 € 0,005 €/GB Free
Value package Monthly cost
Cloud Optimization +200 €
High Security +500 €
Governance +500 €
All Inclusive +700 €
Orchesto Management System
License Monthly cost One time cost
Orchesto Central Free 1000 €

*Price list is valid from February 1, 2020


  • All prices are exclusive of VAT
  • Data under management is any stored data that has been uploaded through Orchesto.
  • Data under management is calculated as the average within the billing period.
  • Data via cache is charged based on total volume of data served from Orchesto's cache within the billing period.
  • Orchesto Pro has a 12 months’ binding period. Orchesto Go has no binding period.
  • Both subscription models have two months notice period.
  • Value packages can be added and/or replaced at any time (for Orchesto Pro) and will be effective within 24 hours. New and/or reimbursement of fees are adjusted the following month.
  • Monthly subscription fees are billed in advance while all variable fees are billed the following month.
  • Orchesto Go can be upgraded to Orchesto Pro with no notice period and effective from start of next billing period.
  • A onetime charge of 1000 € is billed if also choosing the highly recommended access to the custom-view Orchesto Central management system.
  • Volume is calculated in binary gigabytes (GB), where 1GB is 2^30 bytes. This unit of measurement is also known as a gibibyte (GiB), defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Similarly, 1TB is 2^40 bytes, i.e. 1024 GBs.

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