Orchesto Central

Manage multiple instances of Orchesto deployments.

Monitor data usage over the various storage providers and regions.

A centralized view for your Orchesto deployments

Orchesto Central enables enterprise users to have a live updated dashboard view over activities in all Orchestos deployed. As a lightweight binary, Orchesto Central shares the agnostic characteristics of Orchesto. Any new Orchesto deployment is easily added to the Orchesto Central. There is support for metrics to be collected from all Orchesto units connected and to dynamically present the result in the Orchesto Central according to the needs of the individual enterprise. Data governance and policy management is conveniently centralized using the Orchesto Central. Rules based actions on data objects is defined in Orchesto Central and executed through all or individual Orchesto deployments throughout the enterprise IT-infrastructure.

Central Dashboard

Through the Orchesto Central an overview of all data aggregated from all the added Orchestos is being presented.

Orchesto Overview

The Orchesto overview provides the enterprise user with a clear presentation and easily manageable view over the Orchesto deployments.

Policy Management

Orchesto Central provides the tools for configuration and management of data policies. This enables a programmatic rules-based enforcement of policies on data for every Orchesto deployed. Use for execution of information classification and more.

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