The Multi-Cloud Data Management Solution

Orchestrate and govern all your data in a secure cloud native format.

A standard interface

Orchesto offers integration to cloud native as well as legacy applications via CSI.

An integrated web interface

Manage cloud supplier backends, usage, policy management and more.

Releasing the power of cloud

While securing data no matter what cloud is used.

What is Orchesto?

Orchesto is a lightweight middleware software designed to enable true multi-cloud compute and storage and to secure cloud data deployments better than ever before. On top of the multi-cloud enablement and security functionality, Orchesto also provides an excellent toolset to ensure data governance no matter if the data is placed in a private, public or hybrid cloud. Orchesto is deployed close to the data generating application, supporting cloud native as well as legacy applications, via the standardized Container Storage Interface (CSI). On the backend side, Orchesto supports, through one single interface, connectivity to 15+ cloud suppliers ranging from the very largest to specialized local ones.

Multi-Cloud Deployment

Multi-Cloud deployment gets easy with Orchesto.

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Live Data Synchronisation

Migrate your data seamless to a new location while keeping it available to work with.

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Read & Write Cache

Speed up access to cloud data and limit the amount of data fetched from the cloud provider.

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Identity and Access Management

Manage access to your resources securely with IAM.

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Gateway Side Encryption

Encrypt objects before it even leaves your network.

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Disperse your data for maximum security with the zIDA patented algorithm.

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Policy Management

Programmatically Supporting Data Governance with Orchesto.

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Add an additional layer of protection to your data and recover from unintended user actions and application failures.

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See Orchesto in action

Simple deployment
NextCloud using cloud backends
Live synchronisation of cloud data
Gateway-side encryption
Zebware Information Dispersal Algorithm (ZIDA)

Private & public backends

Through the single south-bound Orchesto interface, a large number of different cloud providers, customers’ own private clouds and other on-prem file systems can be accessed. The applications connected to Orchesto are no longer subject to the complexity associated with the differences between various cloud protocols as Orchesto is performing that translation too. With this abstraction from the underlying cloud supplier, our customers can store and manage data in a substantially more flexible way compared to today and without the need for any additional technical development. Orchesto is thus providing not only a simplified way of connecting legacy as well as cloud native applications to the cloud but is also presenting an easy way of implementing a multi-cloud design.

The introduction of Orchesto marks a radical shift in how new operating environments can be set up, leveraging the best opportunities from private and different public clouds

By providing direct integration to 15+ separate cloud service providers, the Orchesto platform facilitates a true multi-cloud architecture and design. We are constantly integrating additional cloud service providers and are looking forward to soon onboard a number of Swedish suppliers.

Currently Orchesto supports access to the following cloud providers across Europe, US and China:

The Orchesto subscription model

Orchesto is available through two subscription models - Orchesto Go and Orchesto Pro. Unsure what subscription is for you? Enjoy a free month of Orchesto so you can make the right decision for your needs, if you should decide to continue using the product. Head over to our Customer Portal and sign up today.

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