Work cloud smart and protect your data with Orchesto Cloud Encrypt

September 30, 2020

We are launching Orchesto Cloud Encrypt for carefree and secure cloud usage

As many as 81% of Swedish companies think that the data security risks increase when cloud solutions are used. This is one of the main learnings from our recent market survey where Swedish CIOs were given the chance to communicate their views on the opportunities and threats present in cloud solutions. 

What are the business drivers for using cloud solutions?

Flexibility, cost savings and speed to market are the most important business drivers for Swedish companies when considering expanding their cloud usage. Protecting business critical data in the cloud is thus essential to meet these business drivers. One of the cornerstones of the Zebware Orchesto solution is data security. To support our customers in leveraging all benefits of cloud technology, we now launch our standalone encryption solution, the Orchesto Cloud Encrypt.

Why shall I use Orchesto Cloud Encrypt to encrypt my cloud data?

Companies all over the world prefer to have complete solutions for their cloud security, i.e. that the data is handled by a cohesive security solution across cloud environments. Orchesto Cloud Encrypt supports just that – enabling an end-to-end encryption of cloud data where our customers are in control of their data and the encryption keys used. Orchesto Cloud Encrypt supports key components for a successful protection of data in the cloud:

  • It is cloud smart – Orchesto Cloud Encrypt is an independent solution ready to use in public, private and hybrid cloud settings and across cloud borders. 
  • It is providing highest level security – Orchesto Cloud Encrypt enables you to take full advantage of the cloud without risking to expose your business-critical data.
  • It is fast, automated and reliable – Orchesto Cloud Encrypt provides an automated data protection without the need for end-user interaction. ​

What does Orchesto Cloud Encrypt offer?

Orchesto Cloud Encrypt protects your data in the cloud

The features and benefits of using Orchesto Cloud Encrypt are:  

  • Orchesto Cloud Encrypt

Encrypts data before it leaves your network

  • Use of customers´ own keys

Guarantees that no external party can access and decrypt your data.

  • Data objects

Protects all or a selection of data by encryption of whole data buckets down to data objects based on set data policy.​

  • High security

The encryption method used is the high security 256-bit AES algorithm. We also offer our own invention as part of the solution: the patented zIDA algorithm, boosting scalability, security and performance.

For a multi-cloud setup Orchesto Cloud Encrypt enables a centralized encryption configuration to be applied across all clouds. When using Orchesto Cloud Encrypt, data can be encrypted immediately at the data generating application, thus ensuring that data can be encrypted when in use as well as in transport and at rest in a cloud.

The Orchesto Cloud Encrypt enables customers to take full advantage of the cloud in terms of cost control, ease of operation, shortened time to market, and competitiveness. This is accomplished as Orchesto is placing customers in control of the encryption that in turn protects customers’ cloud data from unauthorised access. 

Want to learn more and try out the Orchesto Cloud Encrypt?

Right now you can try our encryption solution for free. Sign up here Customer Portal  to buy or try the Orchesto Cloud Encrypt 30 days for free. ​

You are welcome to explore more about Orchesto Cloud Encrypt here or contact us directly and we will tell you more.

We are looking forward to helping you to work cloud smart - to protect your cloud data and your business opportunities!

Thank you!

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