Who is Fredrik Strandlund - our new Sales Director?

August 25, 2020

o   Hi Fredrik, and welcome to Zebware! We are of course curious about who you are, can you please tell us about yourself?

·     Well, I am a guy with an academic background in marketing and finance but with a strong interest in technology. I fact, in my close to 30 years in IT and telecoms I have, at least half of the time, held technical positions as for example CIO and CTO. But with my commercial background I like it best when I am able to turn technical stuff into business value. Privately, I am a dedicated biker in several disciplines as well as a licensed spinning instructor since more than 20 years.

o   What did you do before you started to work for Zebware?

·     Before Zebware I was VP Sales in Sweden and in Finland at GTT, a global tier 1 Internet Service Provider. Before that I was CTO at Cygate with a strong footprint in IT security. As you see, I am moving between commercial and technical roles.

o   Why did you choose to start working for us?

·     For the last 10 years I have worked a lot with the shift from on premises data center solutions to cloud services and the questions it brings in regards to security. In parallel, I have also been responsible for ISO and GDPR related business development and closely seen the high demands that the frameworks put on the organization and IT platforms to be compliant. Also, with many years as a CIO I have seen the consequences of non-secure platforms and IT security breaches, so this topic has been top of my mind for some time. So, when being in contact with Zebware I immediately realized that this company will have a strong position in IT security and hybrid cloud orchestration.

o   You have an impressive background and experience from the IT-security sector, among other areas. How come you have been focusing on this sector?

·     As already mentioned, I have, in my role as CIO in different industries as well as CTO for an IT security company, been working with direct and indirect IT security products, platforms and frameworks for the last 10 years. In the global internet business, security is also of the essence with high volumes of distributed data all over the world.

o   What´s your opinion about the future for security solutions within different cloud environments?

·     The more you move your data to different locations and different service providers or cloud services, the more you expose yourself to security threats or risks of losing some data in the process. For me, this is about both pure cyber security as well as redundancy and securing that your data is safe and not lost in any way. With increasing use of cloud or SaaS services, security solutions will be key.

o   What do you think about Zebware´s role in the cloud security sector?

·     As a neutral hybrid cloud orchestrator offering the customers the option to choose cloud provider themselves, we can offer a secure middleware for the customer to own and orchestrate their data across different clouds and SaaS services. I think this is exactly what the customers’ needs are today, in a world of multiple cloud providers.

o   Finally, do you have any talent that most people don´t know about?

·     Usually I would say I am a passionate biker, but as I have already mentioned that, I don’t think many people know about my background as a professional bowling player, but that was a long time ago..

o   Thank you so much Fredrik, and once more, welcome to our team!

·     Thank you, I am really happy to be here!

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