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May 11, 2020

We are launching Orchesto-365 to make your Microsoft 365 data private, compliant and even more secure

The Zebware business is all about empowering your business to leverage the benefits of cloud technology and to enhance your cyber security. We do this by giving you the means to secure and always stay in control of your data in the cloud. To support the safe and compliant use of Microsoft 365, we are happy to announce the launch of the cloud enabler Orchesto-365!

Why shall I use Orchesto-365 as part of my cyber security?

We have designed Orchesto-365 to keep your data secure, private and compliant at all times when using Microsoft 365. Orchesto-365 thus secures your own data classification handling in the cloud and delivers the ability to automatically perform actions on data in Microsoft 365 behind the scenes, allowing end users to continue their current way of working in Microsoft 365.

The benefits of using Orchesto-365 as my cyber security solution

The benefits of adding Orchesto-365 to the deployment of Microsoft 365 are evident in all segments as it presents a solution to:

  • the compliance issues of Microsoft 365 usage,
  • a need to dramatically increase data security,
  • sharing documents in a safe way,
  • secure that you always stay in control of your data,
  • in particular the compliance issues for EU public sector organisations using Microsoft 365

What does Orchesto-365 add to my cyber security?

The Orchesto-365 concept includes not only the inherent Orchesto security and governance features but also the access to a regulatory compliant Swedish cloud service, and a client application to enable easy and direct placement of confidential data. With Orchesto-365, your usage of Microsoft 365 receives an automated support to your own data classification and associated activities, like for example:

You can use your own data classification tool or use the Microsoft sensitivity labels. Orchesto-365 performs actions on data according to the data classification defined by the organisation:

  • Move Data: Orchesto-365 can move sensitive data from Microsoft 365 and place it in a trusted cloud.
  • Encrypt Data: Orchesto-365 can automatically encrypt sensitive data in Microsoft 365 using customer owned keys.

The work process is very convenient since end users can work as usual in Microsoft 365 when handling non-sensitive data.

Orchesto-365 smartly conforms to Microsoft 365 applications

Sharing and collaborating around data improves productivity and business result. Orchesto-365 facilitates a secure and compliant way of exploiting the advantages of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. Any document shared, can be made unavailable for unauthorised use by applying automatic Orchesto-365 functions like strong encryption or move of data to an alternative and trusted backend. Sharing confidential data can be obtained by using the Microsoft 365 usage interfaces and desktop applications while the data is actually stored in a trusted cloud.

Want to learn more and try out the cyber security solution Orchesto-365?

You are welcome to explore more about Orchesto-365 here.

We will also be holding an open webinar "Enhance your Microsoft 365-solution" (it will be in Swedish) on June 9 at 08.00-08.45 am. Then we will talk about the benefits and features of Orchesto-365. You are welcome to join us and please register here.

We will happily tell you more about our unique cyber security solution and how easy it is to start Orchesto-365. Please contact us and we will get back to you.

We are looking forward to help you protect your business opportunities!

Thank you!

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