Orchesto-365 on its way!

April 9, 2020

Stay safe!

The covid-19 pandemic has thrown countries, individuals and markets into an unprecedented turmoil. We at Zebware hope that you are doing well and that you stay safe. We also forward our appreciation and gratitude to all healthcare heroes that are currently tirelessly working day and night to fight the effects of the virus. 

In the wake of the ongoing situation, we see an avalanche-like increase in the use of digital solutions supporting remote work. Unfortunately, with this increase follows an increase in criminal activities in the form of cyberattacks. There’s a fast-growing number of reports on sophisticated attempts to steel data and to damage the integrity of government agencies and businesses of all sizes. 

Secure use of the Cloud

Businesses all over the world are realising the benefits of cloud services and the benefits become even more evident as office staff now works from home. But migration into the cloud or extending the use of cloud services already in place, will incorporate new threats and risks and in some cases compliance issues. With Orchesto, the majority of these risks can be addressed and solved.  Check out our white paper on security in the cloud to learn more about how to reduce risks associated with the cloud.

Read about cloud security in the Zebware white paper

Make your Microsoft Office 365 data private and compliant

Using cloud services increases productivity and shortens time to market. The Microsoft Office 365 service is one of the most widely spread and appreciated cloud services. The Zebware business is all about supporting a safe and compliant use of cloud technology. Therefore, a major new initiative on our end is to leverage Orchesto’s unique technology to support a safe and compliant handling of data when using Microsoft Office 365. This targeted solution goes under the name Orchesto-365.

For EU public sector organisations using Office 365, this presents a serious and acute compliance issue. With Orchesto-365, a user of Office 365 receives an automated support of data classification and associated activities like compliant placement of sensitive information and customer side encryption of data. The benefits of adding Orchesto-365 to the deployment of MS Office 365 are evident in all segments as it does not only solve the compliance issues of MS Office 365 usage but also increases data security and customers’ ability to always stay in control of their data.

Are you interested in trying out Orchesto-365? Please contact us to enrol as a pilot customer!

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