Orchesto 2.0
August 19, 2020

Swedish software company Zebware today presents Orchesto 2.0, a unique integrated solution for data management, security and governance in hybrid clouds. Cloud supplier independent Orchesto offers customers total control of their data regardless of location, allowing them to benefit from all the many advantages hybrid cloud solutions offer, in a secure and manageable way.

Today adopting an efficient cloud strategy is a critical factor to secure future business success. Most organizations prefer a step-by-step migration to cloud services but this can prove difficult as many are struggling to balance effective utilization of public cloud services with operational data security and effective governance. Orchesto’s unique approach is to integrate simple data management tools with advanced solutions for data security and a strong focus on governance in one integrated, independent solution.

Advanced security solutions are at the heart of Orchesto. Thanks to customer side encryption users can extend their data security perimeter to include data placed and used in multiple clouds as well as data residing on premise thereby making hybrid cloud adoption easy. Adaptations, as and when new services become available, or when circumstances change are also easy to manage.

Additional security is provided by fragmenting data and dispersing it across several different cloud service suppliers. This is made possible through Zebware’s patented algorithm zIDA. Orchesto also provides an extensive set of cloud enablement features like true data and application portability as well as pre-configured and unified access to a large number of cloud service providers.

Governance, according to for example GDPR, is a crucial element in IT management and Orchesto supports data life cycle management in the cloud and enables programmatic actions on data according to defined customer data policy.

“Today it is crucial for businesses to be able to take advantage of cloud services. For many the dilemma is how to do this while at the same time protect the data and ensure privacy and governance,” said Marie Johansson, CEO for Zebware

“At Zebware we have always strongly believed in businesses’ right to total control over their own data, regardless of where it resides. Orchesto offers the control and security modern organisations demand, while also allowing them to easily move between suppliers and pick and choose the best tools and solutions in a way previously not possible, concludes Marie Johansson.

Starting today, Zebware is offering 30 day free Orchesto trial licenses. You can download your trial license here.

Marie Johansson
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