Data security and governance enable business opportunities in the cloud

January 31, 2020

Before the advent of the Internet, business was conducted in the physical realm. Customer data was stored in binders, collected on shelves, and only accessible if you retrieved it in person. With the Internet, business has moved to the digital realm, and in the process, changed a lot of businesses at their core. Now a similar transformation is taking place and this time, it is propelled by the cloud. There will be a “before and after” with cloud adoption, just as there was a “before and after” with the emergence of Internet.

Innovation that disrupts status quo

The shift from an analogue to a digital business model happened over a long period of time and was made possible by key innovations which broke new ground. The technologies that drive the Internet, and our ever-present smartphones, were created with the help of innovations we now recognise as milestones. The cloud revolution, because it is nothing short of a revolution, is also driven by innovation. But with the high pace of innovation today, it is not immediately apparent which market disrupting strokes of genius will later be considered the landmarks of our time. 

Cloud security is a key requirement for data protection 

It is fair to say that all businesses today are digital to some degree. Data has become the fuel that drives digital growth and business. Marie Johansson, CEO of Zebware, has been at the forefront of digital innovation since the launch of the Internet in the Swedish market through to the commercial impact of the cloud.

  • As the cloud evolves and data is becoming business-critical for all companies, the need to protect and govern data in the cloud has become vital. To lose control over data can have fatal consequences, but not moving to the cloud with all its benefits would hinder optimal business growth, Marie explains.

Cloud data governance is complex

There is a long list of cloud service providers (CSPs): Azure, AWS, Google, Gridscale, Wasabi to name a few. How would you choose the right provider? Each CSP has its own strengths and offerings. Choosing only one CSP might put you in a vendor lock-in situation. Moving to another cloud will be a migration project of scale and not an easy task. A more prudent, and future-proof approach would be to apply a multi- or hybrid-cloud perspective from the start. However, connecting your local systems to the cloud will risk leaving you with a complex, risk-exposed IT-environment to manage. 

  • The challenge is to govern your data in a hybrid cloud solution where several CSPs are used in combination with your local systems. Hybrid cloud offers you the greatest variety of benefits but exposes your data to an array of threats. These can be legislative concerns as well as compliance issues or the effects of misconfigurations and intrusions.

Orchestrate your cloud data in a safe way

Knowing where your data is stored is important for a number of reasons. Who has access to your data? Where is it stored and what laws apply there? Will your data be accessible at all times? 

  • To efficiently govern and orchestrate your data in the cloud, you need to make sure that your data is adequately protected. Once data protection is catered for, the cloud setup should be designed to fit your business. Data orchestration across several clouds makes it possible for you to cherry-pick your cloud service providers from the feature set and cost profile they offer and to optimise the value your data can bring to your business, Marie explains.

Great cloud data governance creates opportunities 

Marie has seen first-hand how the business landscape is changing and how companies that do not migrate to the cloud risk losing their competitive edge and agility in responding to changing market needs. The main concern when moving to the cloud is, not surprisingly, security. Marie has identified a number of key actions to secure a hybrid cloud deployment in a safe and transformative way: 

  • Define a cloud strategy that makes sense to your business.
  • Find a mix of cloud service providers offering the tools and services you need.
  • Identify and classify your data to enable the correct protection and governance
  • Make sure your hybrid cloud is flexible enough to meet changing market demands and at the same time optimise your cost structure
  • Most importantly, maintain control over your data in all stages of storage and processing.

Meet Orchesto

Orchesto is a software-based data management solution from Zebware that allows your company to take advantage of the cloud without losing control over your data. Orchesto provides you with a competitive edge by keeping your data safe from legislative concerns and digital threats while orchestrating it across cloud services and traditional IT solutions.

Read more about what Orchesto can do for your company on your cloud journey here or contact us directly at today.

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