Hybrid Cloud

Leveraging hybrid cloud benefits for legacy and cloud native applications through one single interface.

Orchesto provides a unified interface for the connection of applications to the cloud. It is implemented by mapping one gateway to one application storing data or performing operations. The data could sit on-premise, in the cloud or be dispersed across a multi- or hybrid cloud setup.

To better support cloud deployments of legacy applications, the Orchesto gateway also provides SMB as well as NFS bridge functionality performing translation to S3.

Functionality under Hybrid Cloud

Cloud Service Providers

Access to 15+ Cloud Service Providers.

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Orchesto CSI

The Orchesto Container Storage Interface is enabling multi-cloud designs.

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Orchesto Read & Write Cache

Speed up access to cloud data and limit the amount of data fetched from the cloud provider.

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Orchesto Live Data Synchronisation

Migrate your data seamless to a new location while keeping it available to work with.

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Multi-Cloud Deployment

Multi-Cloud deployment gets easy with Orchesto.

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