Supporting programmatic adherence to set data management policies.

Orchesto is truly enabling multi-cloud strategies through its ability to support transformation for a wide set of applications. Pre-requisites for multi-cloud success are:

  • Enablement of a cloud native deployment model managed by container orchestration software
  • Storage in cloud native data formats 
  • Immediate and easy access to a large set of different cloud suppliers

Furthermore, Orchesto also supports programmatic adherence to policies as well as tools to optimize the multi-cloud from a cost or security perspective. The programmatic policy management feature supports the enforcement of data policies like mandatory encryption of certain data or time-based deletion of data for information security and GDPR compliance. Insights to support multi-cloud optimization on the other hand is achievable from the tools provided via the Orchesto Central management system. By displaying and allowing analysis of data from the cloud service suppliers used, the Orchesto Central system gives insights that facilitates orchestration of a more optimal mix of cloud suppliers.

Functionality under Governance

Orchesto Policy Management

Programmatically Supporting Data Governance with Orchesto.

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